MaxTrax Diabetic

MaxTrax Diabetic

by DonJoy

The MaxTrax Diabetic Walker features a wider foot bed, malleable uprights and a shock absorbing heel, making it an ideal solution for the treatment of plantar ulcers. The tri-laminate insole designed with the Impax™ Grid Technology, allows for removal of foam under the ulcer thus reducing pressure at the wound site. The bottom two layers of foam can be easily removed around the affected areas, redistributing load away from healing ulcers. The key benefit in the design is that the top layer of foam stays in contact with the plantar surface of the foot, not allowing "hot spots."


  • Wide footbed for increased stability

  • Impax™ Grid technology redistributes load away from healing ulcers while allowing for a continuous plantar surface

  • Simple to remove or replace Impax™ foam blocks

  • Plastazote® foam has low shear and is simple to clean and maintain

  • Soft liner with no seams in critical areas

Product Details:

Body Part
CAM walker

Additional information:

Base L Code
Additional L Codes
Combined Stability
Available in Custom

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