Care Manuals

Meeting Your Prosthetist

Choosing a prosthetist is an important step in your rehabilitation process. You will develop a life long relationship with your prosthetist and will be seeing them often for the care of your residual limb and prosthesis.

Meeting Your Prosthetist

When choosing a prosthetist, you should meet with several different practitioners in your local area to determine who you feel most comfortable with. Your prosthetist should be open to your needs and listen to what you have to say. A list of ABC Certified practitioners can be found at

When you meet with your prosthetist for the first time, you should be prepared to ask any questions that you may have about the prosthetic process. Consider making a list of questions to bring to your appointment to ensure that all of the questions that all of your questions are answered. Without a list, the experience may be overwhelming causing you to forget important questions.

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